Fishing rods with reels (complete with fishing line) can be hired for US$ 5-00 per rod/reel per day.

Tackle packets can be purchased as follows:
TIGER Tackle – US$ 8-00 per packet

Each packet contains 2 x tiger hooks on trace and 1 x tiger lure on trace

BREAM Tackle – US$ 4-00 per packet

Each packet contains 6 x bream hooks, 4 x sinkers and a float

Once purchased the packets are considered sold and non-returnable


A US$ 80-00 refundable breakage deposit is required prior to the equipment being delivered to the
houseboat. Should there be no damage to the equipment clients will be refunded in full.


Worms are sold in tins of roughly 100 worms per tin

COST – US$ 5-00 per tine

Kapenta is sold in 1kg bags or 250 gram packets
COST – US$ 10-00 per kilogram or US$ 3-00 per packet

Game Blocks are 20-25kg in size
COST – US$ 20-00 per block
Sinking Fish Pellets are sold in 1kg packets
COST – US$ 2-50 per packet

Left over bait is not returnable